Connected Intelligence

One Year Research Engineer Position – Web Developer – RESTful Web APIs, Semantic Web, Web of Things – (Java, JavaScript)

In the context of a research collaboration with a major French company in the energy domain, ARMINES recruits a research engineer for a one year position in the Connected Intelligence team, Hubert Curien Laboratory, Saint-Étienne, France.


The Internet and the Web nowadays connect not only humans, not only machines, but a variety of communicating things with variable resources and roles. It is a complex task to make systems interoperable on a Web that comprises various protocols (HTTP, CoAP, MQTT), data formats (XML, JSON, CBOR, Protocol Buffer, Turtle), data models (schemas, ontologies), and services (measuring, controlling, forecasting, requesting). As concrete examples, suppose the following things are interconnected on the Web:

In the Connected Intelligence team, we are interested in making these various interconnected things interoperable. More specifically, we are developing solutions that make use of the Web of Data and the Semantic Web standards and formalisms. Originally, these formalisms focus on things (i) with reasonable computational resources, and (ii) connected via HTTP. We hence research how to make the Semantic Web formalisms applicable to things with constrained resources, that use other protocols (CoAP, MQTT), and lighter data formats (CBOR, Protocol Buffers).



The research engineer hired on this project for ARMINES will develop web demonstrators for the work of the team. Among other, he will be asked to:

  1. Maintain and enhance an extension of Apache Jena (Java) that enables the on-the-fly support of custom RDF datatypes [1,2], and develop and expose web demonstrators.
  2. Enhance SPARQL-Generate [3], and develop and expose web demonstrators.
  3. Implement SPARQL-Template on top of Jena [4].
  4. Enhance the documentation website of some ontologies developed by the team (for instance, [5]).

[1] – Maxime Lefrançois, Antoine Zimmermann, Supporting Arbitrary Custom Datatypes in RDF and SPARQL, In Proc. Extended Semantic Web Conference, ESWC, May 2016, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

[2] – LINDT – Linked Datatypes – ; implementation of the on-the-fly support of custom datatypes in Apache Jena –

[3] – SPARQL-Generate, extension of SPARQL to generate RDF from arbitrary Web documents with arbitrary media types –

[4] – SPARQL-Template, opposite of SPARQL-Generate: generates text from RDF Graphs –

[5] – Multidimensional Quantity Ontology website –


We are looking for a Java EE/Web engineer with:

Further informations:

Public sector (

30-34 k€ gross per year – depends on the previous experiences.

We accept applications until July 1th, 2016.

Send CV, cover letter, link to developer profile to:

Olivier Boissier, MINES Saint-Etienne,, +33 4 77 42 66 14

Antoine Zimmermann, MINES Saint-Etienne,

Maxime Lefrançois, MINES Saint-Etienne,